Friday, March 20, 2009

First Cut Continues!

The First Cut! workshops are continuing, with our busy teams of tutors visiting St Peter's Community School in Passage West, Cobh Youth Services, and Ballincollig Community School. But- hey!- don't forget: if you've had a workshop, we'd like to hear from you! Send us your feedback and comments for this blog! Drop us a line at

Friday, March 6, 2009

Workshop Reactions from Pobalscoil na Tríonóide Students

I found the film workshop an extremely enjoyable experience. It was both educational and fun. I learned much more than I expected to, and if I was given the chance to develop the skills I picked up, I definitely would.

I liked everything about the workshop, especially the fact that my opinion was valued by the other participants and instructors.

I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their interest in film or video production. It would benefit whoever attends, and it certainly benefited me!

I now have confidence both in front of and behind a camera. The only down side to the workshop was that we only had two days, I could have stayed there for a week.

It was a welcome break from school and a worthwhile experience. I learned many things I will keep and use for the rest of my life.
Kevin Murphy, Class 4A1, Pobalscoil na Tríonóide, Youghal

I felt the film workshop was a great experience for me. I always had an interest in film so I jumped at the opportunity to take the workshop. The workshop was great, in the way that it looked at the different aspects and angles of film making. I learned how to work a camera, the different lighting issues, angles, ways of focusing, and many more. I learned the amount of hard work, determination and length of time it takes in film making. It takes a lot of preparation and good team work. It’s also fun because you get to write and direct your own film, which brings out everybody’s creative side. The only frustrating thing was that it took a long time to prepare, but other than that it was brilliant and if I had the chance to do it again I would.
Elaine Murphy 4A2, Pobalscoil na Tríonóide, Youghal

This film workshop was a very interesting and fun way to learn about film-making. We learnt about the technology and techniques in a fun and practical way because we were using the equipment ourselves. The best part about the workshop was when we actually made our short film because all of the pieces fit together then. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who has an interest in film-making.
Deirdre Kelly, Pobalscoil na Tríonóide, Youghal