Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Cut Gala This Friday at Cork County Hall!


6.30 pm, Cork County Hall

Cameos: originally meaning "a small piece of artwork” or a special screen appearance by a famous actor, director, or prominent person who would ordinarily not take such a small part; also refers to a type of camera shot in which the subject is filmed against a black or neutral background.

Last Blast (Glanmire Youth Project, Foroige)
When Losers Win (Glanmire Community College)
The Blob (Midleton Youth Project CDYS)
Dibs (Pobalscoil Trionoide, Youghal)
After School (St Aloysius College, Carrigtwohill)
Don’t Look Behind (St Colman's Community College, Midleton)
Invisible Boy (YMCA, Cobh)
Ping Pong  (YES Youth Enterprise Scheme, Togher)
Hat Invasion (Inch Youth Club Foroige)

Potboilers: a literary reference to the hard-edged, American detective/crime thrillers (also often called 'pulp fiction' or 'dime novels')

Karma (made at  Cobh Youth Services)
Camera Class (made at Colaiste Choilm, Ballincollig)
The Songwriters (made at Glanmire Youth Project)
Granny’s Revenge (made at Youghal Inch Youth Club/Hot Spot Youth Cafe)

Cartoons: an animated film that is usually not of feature length; also see animation

Crows of Dalee (Colaiste Choilm, Ballincollig)

Cash Cows: in movie terms, a definitely guaranteed, 'can't-miss' blockbuster film that promises to generate disproportionately tremendous profits.

Towards Confident Film Making Cobh July/August 2013:

In Your Head

Silver Bullets: aka "magic bullet" - a solution that completely solves the complicated dramatic problem within a film

Make a Film In a Week Summer Films Midleton July 2013:

Body Swap
My Brother’s Keeper
'Making of' Documentary

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