Thursday, April 30, 2009

Workshops Completed

The 2009 cycle of two-day workshops is now complete!

A massive thank you to Cork Film Centre's team of tutors: Ciara, Jane, Sarah, Deirdre and Barry. Great work! And, of course, thanks to all who participated, young people and adult supervisors alike.

Watch this space for news on the First Cut! summer project and the gala screening this autumn!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feedback from Cobh Youth Services Workshop Participants

"I did it the year before and it was good so I wanted to do it again. We acted and learned sound and camera work and how to direct. I liked all the fun we had and it was such a laugh"
Ricky Parker, 15.

"I wanted to experience what it would be like to do a film project. We learned how to use the cameras and made a film. Making the film was the best thing about the workshop, I would do it again."
Ann-Marie O Flaherty, 15.

"I did the film workshop because I like drama and I wanted to be involved in the production. I video recorded the scenes and played a part in one of the scenes and used the clapper board to say what scenes were on. I enjoyed being in the film the most because I like taking part in things like that. I would definitely do it again"
Jennifer O Connell, 15.

"I wanted to take part in the film workshop because I thought it wold be a good laugh and a good experience. I learned about cameras and how to act out scenes. We made a good laugh out of it and I would definitely do it again"
Nigel Murray, 17.

"I took part in the film workshop to see what it would be like and find out if I had any talent. We learned about acting and we were shown how to use the cameras. The entire experience was enjoyable, we never had a chance to do this before"
Rob Donachie, 18.